Mountain Buggy Nano travel stroller review

The search for the perfect pram is something I’m sure all mums can relate to. With so many prams to choose from, it can be overwhelming trying to find one that is right for you. We love to travel, yet somehow forgot to factor that in when we bought our pram. After booking our first family holiday when our little one was four months old, we came to the realisation that our ‘perfect’ pram was not-so-perfect for travelling. What we really wanted was a lightweight, compact, stylish stroller that would make travelling with a baby a little bit easier. The Mountain Buggy Nano ticks all of those boxes and more! Read on to find out why the Mountain Buggy Nano is the best travel stroller around.

Ever-so-compact with an easy fold

The best part about the Mountain Buggy Nano is the amazing compact fold. It folds up into a neat square-shaped object (51cm x 30cm x 54cm) that hardly takes up any space. You can even remove the wheels and pop everything into the custom travel bag if you wish.

The Mountain Buggy Nano is perfect for travelling for so many reasons. It can be taken onboard as cabin baggage on most airlines, as it easily fits into the overhead lockers. We found this was such a blessing when travelling with a baby, as it allowed our little one to stay asleep in his stroller until we had to board the plane. We could then pop him straight back into the stroller as soon as we landed!

Having a compact fold meant that it didn’t take up precious space in our hotel room.  We could also fold up the Nano and pop it under the table in crowded restaurants, if needed.

Road trips are a breeze too, with the Mountain Buggy Nano easily fitting into the boot of a car while leaving plenty of space for luggage (or shopping!). We have even managed to fit the Nano behind the front passenger seat – completely freeing up the boot space for luggage.

I also love the ease of the fold and unfold mechanism of the Mountain Buggy Nano. Note that both hands are required to fold the Nano, whereas the unfold can be done one-handed!

Mountain Buggy Nano travel stroller review

Light as a feather

The Mountain Buggy Nano is ultra-light and weighs just 5.9kg, making it so easy to lift and carry. There is a nifty little shoulder strap attached, allowing you to easily carry the stroller around on your shoulder if needed. The fact that the Nano is so light meant that we could easily carry it up and down stairs, without finding it heavy at all. We used the MRT in Singapore and found it so easy to quickly fold up the Nano and carry it down to the platform.

Mountain Buggy Nano travel stroller review

Little luxuries

The Mountain Buggy Nano has some great features that help make your little one comfortable while travelling. I was impressed at the recline on the Nano. Although it does not lie completely flat, it goes flat enough for my little one to easily take a snooze. He clearly found it extremely comfortable as he would fall asleep while out seeing the sights in Singapore.

The seat itself is large and spacious (and can hold a child of 20kg), with the seat back providing plenty of space for a tall child. There is also a footrest and adjustable leg rest, to ensure your little one is comfortable. The mesh panel at the back allows for good ventilation and lets you check on your baby if needed.

I think that the storage basket underneath is a good size, considering the Mountain Buggy Nano is such a compact travel stroller. We easily fit a medium-sized sports bag underneath, that kept all of the essentials (nappy change clutch, spare clothes, snacks, water bottles etc.)

The sun canopy on the Mountain Buggy Nano offers a decent amount of shade from the sun. Due to the compact nature of the stroller, it isn’t the largest sun canopy there is. However, it does provide some shade – and we would just use a light muslin if we needed more shade. Mountain Buggy do offer a Sun and Storm Cover, should you wish to purchase one.

Mountain Buggy Nano travel stroller review

Smooth sailing

The Mountain Buggy Nano features rear-wheel suspension for a smooth ride. I found it easy to manoeuvre and push on fairly flat surfaces. It is a bit more difficult to manage on a rough surface, but you can lock the front wheels into place to help with handling on uneven terrain. There is a colour-coded foot-brake on the back wheel, that is easy to use. The handlebar allows you to push the stroller one-handed, which is great. Do note that the handlebar height cannot be adjusted. We have not had an issue with this – and my husband is 6-foot-tall whereas I am on the shorter side.

 Mountain Buggy Nano travel stroller review

The final say

We absolutely love our Mountain Buggy Nano! It has been on 30 flights around the world thus far (including a seaplane in the Maldives) and has helped us to enjoy our holidays, by ensuring our little one is comfortable. It is so compact and lightweight, gives us a place to store all of our baby stuff, and even provides the perfect place to feed baby while out and about. I would highly recommend the Mountain Buggy Nano for those travelling the world with a little one in tow.

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*I simply love our Mountain Buggy Nano and wanted to share feedback with other parents. Please know that I did not receive any products or payment for this review. As always, all opinions and thoughts are my own.